GitHub CLI 1.0 enables a full repo workflow from the terminal

Posted @ 9/10/2020

GitHub CLI, a tool for bringing full repo functionality to your terminal, has reached its first stable version after a very successful beta.

“Developers spend a lot of time in their terminals, and our CLI helps to mitigate the frequent context switching between your terminal and,” says Amanda Pinsker, Product Designer at GitHub.

“Command-line tools enable developers to script nearly any action and automate their workflows, which in turn allows developers to work faster and more productively.”

The initial beta of CLI was announced in February. GitHub says that users have created nearly 200,000 pull requests, performed over 350,000 merges, and created over 20,000 issues using the beta.

After such an impressive beta run, GitHub has decided today to release v1.0 of CLI.

Practice what you preach
GitHub CLI itself is, naturally, open-source. The company says it’s had more than 100 community contributors who’ve helped to achieve CLI’s first stable release.

Some of the community contributions:

Adding metadata to issue and pull request views 
Allowing selection of blank templates 
Filtering issues by milestone, mentioned, and author 
Aligning repo create to other create commands 
Based on feedback throughout GitHub CLI’s beta, the following features were added:

create and view repositories
configure GitHub CLI to use SSH and your preferred editor
close, reopen, and add labels, assignees, and more to issues and pull requests, and
view the diff, review, and merge pull requests